About Gabrielle Dahms


Gabrielle Dahms 

Gabrielle believes real estate investing remains an amazing vehicle to financial freedom. Her background in real estate, both as a realtor ™ and a real estate investor, lead her to write regularly. She aims to shed more light on a subject that can be full of hype.

Investing in real estate appears simple enough, yet it has many moving pieces. Gabrielle’s Real Estate Investing Manuals offer a no-nonsense approach for investors of all backgrounds and levels.

The Real Estate Manual books provide insights, tools, and inspiration to novice and veteran real estate investors alike. Anyone beginning to invest in real estate, or those ready for the next level stand to benefits.

Gabrielle also has been a yogini for 30 years. She serves in several volunteer organizations to do her part in improving her community and the world. She and her toilet-trained cat live in San Francisco.

Please connect with her on Quora and LinkedIn.