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Are Realtors (TM) Greedy?

Quora sometimes offers strange questions and one of them arrived recently. In a nutshell, the question was whether realtors (TM) want housing to be unaffordable so they can make more money. My answer to it appears below: Realtors are middlemen and -women who do not earn salaries and earn commissions instead. Their compensation remains the…
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Market Statistics

Market Statistics

If you want to find out whether real estate prices are decreasing or increasing in any particular market or you are wondering whether there are published price indices for property markets, know that all the data exists. However, the data is usually in raw form and somewhat difficult to find. Yet, you can definitely piece…
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Tenants, Toilets, Termites, Taxes

Tenants, Toilets, Termites, Taxes

Landlords often worry about bad tenants, the need for repairs (toilets and termites), and taxes. The worries are legitimate. Planning for such risks is wise.

Investing with home equity

Want to Buy Real Estate Investments with Home Equity?

Real estate investing brings associated risks. Before assessing what the risk of drawing out equity from your primary home to invest it in a rental property is, review your current personal and financial situation. You need to know your own risk profile. Are you a conservative investor or a speculator type? Knowing what risk means…
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San Francisco Coit Tower

Is Bay Area Real Estate Worth Buying?

Where would you like to buy real estate in the Bay Area? Are you thinking of buying a home, condo or TIC to live in? Or are you seeking to invest in real estate in the Bay Area? In either case, the San Francisco/Bay Area is a high cost-of-living locale and real estate values remain…
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Is That A Great Investment?

What makes for a great reat real esate investment? Investors want to know.

Rental Properties

3 Investing Criteria In Any Market

What criteria exist for real estate investors to find the right market? Most investors already know whatever location and real estate market they invest in must match to their goals whether they aim for fast cash or cash flow. In analyzing any real estate market and potential investments many metrics apply and today we’ll look…
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Property values

Market Dynamics

Property prices, inventory and sales constantly change in the market place. They affect one another. Correlations between them help the real estate investor.